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Inevitably, once winter arrives, the need for relaxation, restoration, and nourishment amplifies. While New Englanders wholeheartedly embrace the frostiest of seasons with open arms, the city’s congested traffic in combination with steady chills has a way of cooling people’s spirits. Thankfully, peaceful respites, such as Stowe’s Edson Hill, exist. Edson Hill is one of Vermont’s premier four-season experiences as it features culinary bliss, chic (yet rustic) accommodations, and 38 acres of rolling countryside, tailor-made for mid-winter exploration. An oft-overlooked facet of the guest experience here on private Edson Hill Road is the inn’s Massage Suite, an optimal place to rejuvenate after an afternoon spent striding through Stowe’s fluffy snow. While Edson Hill isn’t a typical Stowe spa destination, we couldn’t think of a better place to regenerate amid winter’s hearth.

Photo of Edson Hill's Stowe Spa.The Massage Suite, an Intimate Spa Experience in Stowe

Unlike most Stowe spa resorts, Edson Hill’s massage treatments (combined with the overall guest experience) won’t break the bank. Intimate massages range from $150 to $215, which includes up to 90 minutes with a certified massage therapist who will patiently listen to your every need. The spa is undeniably tranquil, with its sleek decor, hand-crafted artistry, soft lighting, and distinct fixtures. It’s a place to unwind and restore before or after a day on the slopes, the town, or the sprawling Nordic skiing acreage available no more than a couple of strides from the Suite itself.

Private Dining and Culinary Delights

For a true spa experience, we recommend staying on-site for at least two full days to genuinely soak up the estate’s magical allure. Chef de cuisine Jason Bissell and his talented team provide a memorable culinary voyage every night of the week. Edson Hill boasts a casual yet refined dining experience, a polished tavern bar, and private dining. Follow your Swedish massage with an intimate dinner, set apart from the restaurant’s main area. Let Bissell wisp you away to a simpler time via a classic (yet contemporary) multi-course dinner complemented by a specialty cocktail, an eight-year-old bottle of vino, or a craft ale from a local brewery. Menus shift and change with the seasons as Bissell and his team only utilize locally-sourced ingredients, with delights ranging from seared salmon to braised pork shank and crispy duck.

On-Site Exploration and Sophisticated Lodging

Fill your days with hours spent surveying the 38-acre landscape, which boasts dense forestry, a serene pond, and faraway mountain vistas. In the wintertime, Edson Hill maintains a historic, long-standing Nordic trail system. It weaves through the hillside past horses, barns, pines, and woodland critters. The pearly snow contrasts sublimely with the emerald forest and cornflower skies. With nine kilometers of Nordic ski trails and five kilometers of snowshoe-only pathways, there is ample opportunity for mid-day exercise at Edson Hill. Guided excursions and professional Nordic instruction are also available on-site, as well as ample acreage dedicated to fat biking.

Photo of an Edson Hill Guest Room, Just Steps from Our Stowe Spa.The on-site lodging acts as the exclamation point to an already stellar Stowe-style spa day. No two accommodations are alike as they’ve all been distinctly designed by the skillful team at Gauthier-Stacy, a Boston-based firm. Most rooms feature a wood-burning (or gas) fireplace, luxury furnishings, hand-crafted decor, a king bed, complimentary spring water, plush robes, and Egyptian cotton blankets. These spaces naturally provoke relaxation and restoration, especially when combined with a good book, mimosas, and aromatherapy.

To learn more about a Stowe spa getaway to Edson Hill, please call us today at 802-253-7371 (or check availability online).