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Edson Hill

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Videography Policies

Edson Hill

Edson Hill is a privately owned estate and does not allow access to the grounds for professional photography. The Inn maintains a strict policy against the use of its estate grounds (all interior spaces, exterior grounds, etc.) for unauthorized professional or commercial photography/videography purposes.  Please find additional information regarding photography and filming at Edson Hill.

  • Due to the intimate nature our guests have come to expect of our Inn, and in support of our goal to provide a quality experience and privacy for all of our guests, professional photography is strictly prohibited, unless in conjunction with a contracted catered event (ie. a wedding or conference). Full photography sessions outside of these parameters are not allowed, including for registered guests on-property. This includes, but is not limited to, professional photography for the following: graduation, family portraits, prom, pregnancy portraits, anniversary, birthday, holiday, elopements, and wedding photos where the wedding is held at another venue, and all other non-resort related events or other situations that may or may not include hiring a third-party photographer. If a third-party photographer indicates they have permission to access the resort “at any time” or similar, this information is incorrect and this individual may be subject to removal or revocation. Express written permission from Edson Hill’s General Manager or Event Sales & Marketing Manager is required.
  • Engagement photo sessions may take place only if in conjunction with a contracted wedding event on property. Advance notice is required and permission must be granted prior to shooting. Approved photographer/videographer will be required to provide a certificate of insurance prior to any work, and it is at the Inn’s sole discretion to request such certificate.
  • Disruptive photography or filming is not allowed. Edson Hill management reserves the right to ask any photographers to cease their session for any reason.
  • Unauthorized use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), including but not limited to drones and radio-controlled aircraft and devices by the public or guests is strictly prohibited without prior approval.
  • Contracted Weddings taking place onsite at Edson Hill will work with the Event Sales office and their Event Coordinator regarding the details of their planned photography/videographer session, including pre-arranging a specific date and time, so it can be authorized in advance. Only couples having their Wedding Ceremony/Wedding Reception event occur onsite at Edson Hill are allowed to have their Wedding or Engagement photos/videos taken on site. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Event Sales office. 
  • Non-professional photography and filming are permitted on the hotel premises for registered hotel guests only. Edson Hill encourages their guests to take personal video or still photographs while enjoying their stay. All photos and videos taken by guests and visitors are allowed free of charge so long as the images and videos are used for a personal, non-commercial purpose. All photographs and video should be taken from public viewing areas, and must be taken with a hand-held camera (non-professional equipment). 
    • IMPORTANT: All camera accessories that could potentially impede foot traffic are expressly forbidden, including but not limited to: camera tripods, monopods, lighting setups, large reflectors, and staging shots. 
Guest House firewood and patio chairs.

For editorial requests and other journalistic needs such as articles for newspapers or magazines, digital media (including blogs), television, or radio, please contact [email protected].

Edson Hill Customer Reviews


“Edson Hill is a 10 out of 10 in every regard! My daughter and her fiance got married there this past weekend and everything was absolutely perfect. Every single person working at Edson Hill is amazing. They are good at what they do, but so very nice and kind to work with as well. The food is just delicious, atmosphere the best and it was a weekend where we were able to focus on all the love around us and nothing else. Thank you Edson Hill for the most amazing wedding!”

– Lori T., July 2023

“What an exquisite two-night stay we had at Edson Hill this week – the place of our wedding 35 years ago! The inn is at least as charming as it was for wedding many moons ago. The inn’s spaces are very comfortable; the vistas on the property are awe-some; the staff members are very welcoming – in fact we were treated like royalty; and their breakfasts are hearty and delicious. We also enjoyed cocktails in their welcoming tavern, and a wonderful anniversary dinner in their restaurant. The patios off of the tavern and the dining room, where we were served, offered fresh air and beautiful views. We will definitely celebrate future anniversaries at Edson Hill.”

Edson Hill

From the moment we arrived, we were greeted with genuine hospitality and a welcoming staff. Everyone went above and beyond to make our honeymoon special, and the fact that the resort is very gay-friendly made us feel even more comfortable and embraced. – Benjamin R.

Edson Hill

“Edson Hill is more than the sum of its parts – the location, the food (best cocktails I have had in recent memory), the rooms were all exceptional on their own but the experience combined made for a truly amazing stay”. – Corinne Kenney

Edson Hill

“Best Thanksgiving Ever – We could not have enjoyed our Thanksgiving holiday any more than we did. 4 couples -all good friends and we remained so after 3 days together. The accommodations were very comfortable and the views from every window were wonderful. Some of us enjoyed wood buring fireplaces in our rooms which made it even better. This may be a new tradition.” – Peter W., November 2022

Edson Hill

This place is absolutely fantastic! We ate outside on the patio, and had outstanding service from Vinnie! The food and drinks were top notch! Just up the street from Stowe, away from all the touristy stuff. Very quiet with amazing Vermont views! – Jonathan T

Edson Hill

“From your first morning views, breakfast, staff conversations, and throughout the day, Edson Hill made our stay memorable. The 3-day wedding experience was exceptional!”

– Debbie L., August 2023

Whether you’re looking for a quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of home, or a high energy, active family vacation, an Edson Hill getaway assures the best of both worlds.

“We had a perfect stay at Edson Hill this past weekend! Everything was a dream! We were guests here during a beautiful wedding weekend. The staff was such a joy and the service impeccable! We will definitely return.” – Paige G.

Edson Hill

My husband and I just spent the past weekend at Edson Hill to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. This was our third trip here over the past few years and we love it every time! We love the rooms, especially the fireplace, the staff is so friendly and helpful, and the breakfast each morning is delicious. I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone! We look forward to going back in the future!

Edson Hill

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