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Stowe, Vermont is gorgeous all year-round: from the frosty peaks of midwinter to the deep-green leafy riverways of summertime. But we don’t think we’d start any kind of major argument suggesting the most all-around lauded scenic beauty here unfolds in autumn, when some of the finest fall colors anywhere turn our richly forested highlands into a sublime canvas.

“Leaf-peepers” from the world over come to New England to experience this dazzling display, and needless to say Edson Hill—a luxurious hillside country estate set on nearly 40 acres just outside Stowe—delivers unbeatable accommodations for such an unforgettable journey.

Stowe: A Justly Renowned Leaf-Peeping Hub

You don’t have to look too hard to track down Stowe’s fall-color plaudits. This Vermont hamlet, nestled between the Green Mountains and the Worcester Range, regularly shows up on “best-of-the-best” lists concerned with leaf-peeping destinations—not just in the U.S., but the whole darn globe.

It’s a fortunate brew that creates this seasonal magnificence, having to do with a pretty dizzying array of ingredients: from latitudinal location to the Pleistocene histories of our native hardwoods. But suffice it to say we’ve got just the right setup for a showstopper of a fall-colors display, and as a guest of ours here at Edson Hill, it’s yours to feast on each and every autumn.

Fall colors around these parts usually get underway in early September—yes, that’s just around the corner, if you can believe it—and roll on into mid-October. There’s much year-by-year variation depending on things such as sunlight and temperature patterns, but generally speaking the peak of the fall-color show runs from the end of September into early October. 

Thanks to our elevational range—Stowe’s big backyard, after all, climbs up to the Green Mountain State’s highest point, 4,395-foot Mount Mansfield—the fall colors blaze a long time and sweep down the landscape. 

It’s a spellbinding natural spectacle yours to appreciate via any number of means. Scenic drives—through Smuggers’ Notch, along Edson Hill and West Hill roads with their big maples, along scenery-rich Elmore Mountain and Randolf roads—give you windshield views you’ll not soon forget. The fall weather’s also ideal for hiking yet, or mountain biking, or paddling—plenty of ways to immerse yourself in the reds, yellows, oranges, and purples of Vermont’s autumnal glory.

Enjoy a Luxurious Leaf-Peeping Escape to Stowe, Vermont at Edson Hill

Amid our historic and well-appointed spread here at Edson Hill, you’ve got the Stowe area’s fall colors arrayed before you, given our far-reaching vistas of the Green Mountains and the Worcester Range. Our very own trail system provides exceptional leaf-peeping opportunities—and it comes backed up world-class onsite dining, swoony lodgings in our Manor House or Guest House rooms, and all the rest of the signature Edson Hill top-shelf hospitality. 

Reserve your accommodations with us today, and come experience the utter magnificence of Vermont’s fall colors in the coming weeks!