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What Makes a Hotel Room A Luxury Room?

What Makes a Hotel Room A Luxury Room?

What makes a hotel room luxurious? The options and possibilities for luxury are many, but we think what it comes down to is how a room makes you feel when you’re in it.

We don’t want your vacation with us to be just about getting away from home…we want it to be way better than that!

Our luxury rooms are designed to make you feel comfortable, serene, relaxed, pampered, and completely carefree!

Creating this is all in the details, so we pay close attention and include every important element so you can experience a luxury getaway where no aspect of comfort and relaxation is overlooked.


Thoughtfully designed, well-appointed rooms create an atmosphere that instantly makes guests feel at home and comfortable. All of the rooms at Edson Hill have been exquisitely designed and decorated by the award-winning design team Gauthier-Stacy to do just that.

The rooms include carefully-curated decorations that evoke the comforts of home without the distractions that go with a busy life.

Their rooms and interiors create a timeless feel, so you can step into the charm of the past but with modern conveniences seamlessly woven into the design. The result is all the comforts of modern living without the stress.


The room’s design helps guests to feel comfortable and relaxed, and the amenities bring in a level of pampering that most people just can’t get at home:

  • In-room fireplaces with optional concierge services so you don’t even have to light it yourself!
  • Lavish bathrooms with upscale features such as heated floors and soaking tubs.
  • High-end, lush linens and towels.
  • Deluxe pillows and mattresses so your sleeping hours are as blissful as your waking ones.
  • Beautiful views in every direction – inside and out.

We strive to create the perfect balance of beauty and comfort. We want our guests to experience luxurious surroundings that also beckon them to cozy up and stay a while.

Interested in the design and amenities included in our guest rooms? Explore them here!

Are you ready for an experience like this? Give us a call and we can help you choose the room that is perfect for you.

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