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New England ranks among the most-desirable “waterfalling” destinations in North America alongside New York’s Finger Lakes, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and Minnesota’s North Shore. There are hundreds of picturesque waterfalls in our diverse, mountainous region, many of which are a short, scenic drive from Edson Hill, a distinctive country-style inn along the edge of Stowe, VT. Whether you’re planning an adventure-based expedition, romantic getaway, or wilderness retreat, you’ll instantly fall in love with the Green Mountains’ natural beauty and tranquil ambiance. And luckily for you, we’re within an hour of the best waterfalls in Vermont.

Discover the Best Waterfalls in Vermont

To ensure that you’re well-deserved New England escape is nothing short of flawless, we’ve compiled five of the best waterfalls in Vermont based on personal experience and customer feedback. Yes, Edson Hill is within nine miles of three jaw-dropping waterfalls in Stowe, VT, but we recommend hitting the open road and branching out to several nearby communities in search of something truly magical.

1. Moss Glen Falls – Stowe

Best Waterfalls in Vermont

Let’s start this list with the quintessential Stowe waterfall: Moss Glen Falls. The short yet undeniably scenic hike to the falls only takes 20 or 30 minutes, depending on your pace. Keep in mind that there’s a steep albeit brief ascent near the end of the journey. Photographers, especially during autumn’s peak, love standing near the mouth of the waterfall and capturing this breathtaking, free-falling marvel.

2. Moss Glen Falls – Granville

No, you’re not experiencing déjà vu—there is indeed another Moss Glen Falls just one hour from Edson Hill. Interestingly enough, the Granville version is equally as beautiful as the one near our elegant, sleek inn. What’s even more interesting is that they actually look a lot alike. Most visitors stand on the humanmade lookout to snap photos of this visually-striking waterfall, but feel free to hop on down into the gorge for a closer look. While both Moss Glens are among the best waterfalls in Vermont, we prefer the Stowe site because Granville isn’t surrounded by several miles of hiking trails.

3. Bolton Potholes – Bolton

It’s important to distinguish that we’re not talking about Bolton Falls. Bolton Potholes is one of our favorite waterfalls near Stowe, VT, because very few travelers, adventurers, and photographers know about it. Many call this eerie destination the “Devil’s Punchbowl” because there are three plunges that seemingly disappear, similar to the mysterious Devil’s Kettle. Two of the potholes are filled with emerald water, which allures summertime swimmers and sunbathers.

4. Blake Falls – Woodbury

There are dozens of Central Vermont waterfalls that we’d classify as “hidden gems,” but Blake Falls takes the cake. We especially love this locale because it requires a bit of creekside exploration and adventure. Park along Route 14 (one mile south of Woodbury) and listen for the soothing sounds of falling water. Follow the creek to Blake Falls. And don’t forget about Lower Blake Falls, which can be observed along the journey to the main waterfall.

5. Bingham Falls – Stowe

Best Waterfalls in Vermont

Admittedly, Bingham Falls isn’t very large. But we couldn’t think of a better place for a picnic, mid-summer swim, or photo session. Much like most of the best waterfalls in Vermont, Bigham can be accessed after a short, half-mile walk. A lot of travelers flock to Moss Glen, which typically leaves Bingham relatively vacant (even on a warm summer afternoon). And it’s the closest of the three Stowe waterfalls to Edson Hill—4.9 miles away, to be exact.

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