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Cross country skiing can be peaceful and Zen or exhilarating – you decide.

Either way you like it, it’s right outside our door, all winter long and we love it.

Once you get to Stowe, you’re in cross country skiing heaven. So many options are available, depending on the type of experience that you want.

  • If you love to get out in nature and take your time, witnessing the woods in their winter cover then you’ll love Wiessner Woods.
  • If you are seeking an athletic and aerobic experience where you can travel on well-groomed trails, we recommend Stowe Mountain Resort’s extensive network.
  • For those who want to meander down through the valley and into the village, the Stowe Recreation Path is the ticket.

Stowe is one of the top destinations in the nation for cross-country skiers, and its vast network of trails, backcountry terrain, and conserved land will sure to delight any cross-country skier.

1. Wiessner Woods

Wiessner Woods is likely Stowe’s most popular backcountry ski destination. Located just outside of Stowe near Edson Hill Road, Wiessner Woods is a wooded cross-country wonderland and a great place for cross-country skiers of all abilities to enjoy the beautiful Stowe countryside. Wiessner is also friendly to snowshoers.

Conserved in 1992 by the Stowe Land Trust, Wiessner Woods boasts 79 acres of land area. The largest loop in the trail network is just about 2 miles in length; however, skiers have an opportunity to take a number of switchbacks and cutoffs to enhance their experience in Wiessner. The extensive trail network connects to the Edson Hill and Halvorsen properties for easy access for resort guests.

At Edson Hill, we provide the rental equipment for your cross country adventure and can also offer guides to take you from Edson Hill’s trails to the Wiessner Woods. It’s a wonderful winter adventure!

Edson hill Winter Adventure Promotion

2. Stowe Recreation Path

One of the favorite cross-country ski trails is Stowe’s very own recreation path. Built in 2010, the Stowe Recreation Path boasts just over 5 miles of greenway trail that gently meanders through the town. A haven for cyclists, runners, and walkers during the summer months, the recreation path turns into a cross-country skiing and snowshoeing mecca during the wintertime.  With no motorized vehicles allowed on the path at any time, the path is ideal for beginner cross-country skiers, and the paved path makes certain that the trail will be smooth and easy to navigate.

Perhaps the best part of Stowe’s recreation path is its immediate accessibility to the town’s restaurants, pubs, nightlife, and ski rentals.  No matter where you are on the trail, you’re not far from more entertainment.

3. Trapp Family Lodge

The Cross Country Center at Trapp Family Lodge is the oldest in the country and situated on top of a beautiful mountain in Stowe. The views from the extensive trails are amazing and the resort provides 37 miles of groomed trails and another 62 miles of back country. You can easily rent the necessary equipment from the touring center and can get one-on-one or group lessons to get your skiing started.

An added charm of the Trapp trails is the Slayton cabin where they have a fire going and offer hot chocolate to visitors!

4.  Edson Hill Trails

Our own Edson Hill offers a great little trail system and we rent cross country skis and snowshoes right on the property.   We keep all of our trails are groomed and access the Catamount Trail and the Sterling Valley Backcountry.

We have trail maps available for visitors and can provide guided tours upon request. We are partial to the wooded beauty that our property affords and we recommend that all of our visitors take the time to enjoy a trip out our front door and into the beautiful Vermont mountains!

Enjoy the Experience of a Vermont Winter

Whether you’re a beginner or pro, the Nordic skiing scene in Stowe is one to experience. We love the variety of trails available and the absolute ease of cross country skiing right outside the door. Join us for some winter fun!

Erik Stacy
General Manager
Edson Hill