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Photo of the Tastiest Breakfast in Stowe VTOver the past four years, Edson Hill has swiftly blossomed into one of the top-rated restaurants in Stowe, VT, thanks to our ultra-talented, worldly culinary team, led by Executive Chef Jason Bissell. Bissell, a Vermont native, fine-tuned his craft over the span of several years while surrounded by world-renowned chefs before landing here at Edson Hill in June of 2017. Since his arrival, our sophisticated yet casual dining space has become a smash for locals and travelers alike. Included in each stay is a complimentary country-style breakfast, a tasty perk that you won’t find at most run-of-the-mill resorts. Guests are typically pleasantly surprised to discover that Edson Hill does, in fact, serve the best breakfast in Stowe, VT. Keep reading to learn more about the menu, ambiance, and potential post-meal activities.

Breakfast in Stowe, VT: A Sophisticated Culinary Voyage

Most people wouldn’t consider the “most important meal of the day” to be overly sophisticated, rich, or elegant. But we do things a bit differently here at Edson Hill. Not only is the best breakfast in Stowe, VT, entirely free of charge, but the menu includes delicacies such as cured salmon, eggs benedict, and sweet potato hash. Before selecting one of seven breakfast entrees, guests can savor a fresh, house-made pastry with a cup of coffee, tea, or juice. While we appreciate Green Goddess Cafe, Stowe Bee Bakery, and Café on Main, nothing compares to the remarkable flavors that Bissell and his team bring to life every morning with the sun’s rebirth.

The Eats | The Ambiance | The Hospitality

Photo of French Toast: The Best Breakfast in Stowe VTBefore we reveal Edson Hill’s seven delectable breakfast entrees, let’s briefly touch on the inn’s historic, elegant ambiance. Firstly, our hillside haven sits on 38 acres of Green Mountain glory where New Englanders come to Nordic ski, hike, and marry. After completely renovating, refining, and redesigning the entire inn and its sprawling property in 2014, Edson Hill rapidly grew into a romantic mainstay here in the heart of Vermont. Naturally, it made sense to revamp the culinary vision as well. Today, we not only provide the yummiest breakfast in Stowe, VT, but you’ll also discover a Nordic Center, jaw-dropping guest house rooms, and a rustic yet cosmopolitan tavern and dining room combo that’s a visual delight. The space features repurposed woodworks, dazzlingly white furnishings, distinct chandeliers, heartwarming views, and perhaps the friendliest servers in Vermont.

For a peek at our breakfast menu, please visit us online. The menu includes everything from avant-garde scrambled eggs to a “Griddle of the Day,” which could be fresh-picked blueberry pancakes or a mess of slightly-crunchy French toast.

Luxuriant Lodging in Stowe, VT

Edson Hill’s Dining Room remains one of the best restaurants in Stowe, VT, thanks to the continuous innovations and efforts of Bissell and his team. The beguiling menu changes with the seasons, so no two stays will likely yield the same list of “plates.” And, as one of the most popular romantic getaways in Vermont, we’re continuously enhancing the guest experience. One of the many ways we amplify the experience is by providing detailed articles about the area’s premier snowshoeing destinations, brewery tours, waterfall hikes, and mountain bike trails. Please give us a call today at 802-253-7371 (or check availability online) to book a long-awaited escape into the lush Green Mountains!