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Dog Sledding near Me

Dog Sledding near Me: A Top Secret Green Mountain Hidden Gem

We’ve all been there: in a bind, we’re pressed to search for something along the lines of “dog sledding near me” on our mobile device because we didn’t have time to plan a detailed itinerary. But that’s okay—it’s an inevitable part of vacationing. Nothing goes precisely to plan, even for the most shrewd, well-traveled adventurers. We try to give each guest the necessary resources to enjoy the best trip possible here in beautiful Stowe, VT, including a local brewery guide, detailed hiking trails, and an in-depth look at Mount Mansfield.

But many visitors, even the most sharp-witted sightseers, don’t know much about the ample dog sledding in Vermont. Very few thrills on earth rival the feeling one obtains while coasting behind a pack of strong, beautiful, and friendly huskies. And the perfect place to warm up after a day filled with Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, and dog sledding in Stowe, VT, is beside a cozy fireplace right here at Edson Hill.

Discovering the Best “Dog Sledding near Me”

Unsurprisingly, there are only a dozen or so regional outfitters that offer dog sledding in Vermont (or New York for that matter). But, luckily for your group, if you were to search for “dog sledding near me,” three local establishments should stand out among the rest: Umiak, Peace Pups, and Eden Ethical. Below, you’ll learn more about each of these highly-praised businesses and their pretty pups!

Umiak Outdoor Outfitters – Stowe, VT

While Umiak Outdoor Outfitters doesn’t solely specialize in dog sledding in Stowe, VT, they’re the closest option to Edson Hill (six miles to be exact). This local business has its hand in just about every outdoor activity. During the winter months, thrill-seekers can embark on guided snowshoe, fat bike, and tasting tours. But, of course, the most popular of these tours is the two-hour dog sled excursion. Umiak has, perhaps, the speediest huskies in the region, which adds an extra element of excitement to each ride.

Peace Pups Dogsledding – Morrisville, VT

Dog Sledding near Me

The overall experience at Peace Pups Dogsledding is our favorite in the Green Mountains. In fact, you won’t find more exhilarating dog sledding in Vermont, New York, or New Hampshire. Peace Pups was founded by a nearby resident who has vehement compassion for animals. Ken and his team’s love for these Siberian huskies is made clear upon arrival. Not only do they provide on-site veterinary care, but they also let the dogs “speak for themselves” through their passion for running. We highly recommend taking a glance at their huskie pup lineup, filled with nearly two dozen beauties.

Eden Ethical Dog Sledding – Eden Mills, VT

Dog Sledding near Me

Eden Ethical Dog Sledding is a bit of a drive from Edson Hill, but their top-end facilities and splendid mountainside trails are hard to top. Their prices are a tad higher than the other two previously-mentioned businesses, but Eden Ethical is the only one that allows you to learn and eventually lead a pack of sled dogs. Eden Ethical has so many possibilities on their website that it’s somewhat dizzying to follow, which is why we recommend giving them a call at 866-635-9070.

Luxury Inns in Stowe, VT

After a full day of snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, and dog sledding in Stowe, VT, retreat to Edson Hill for fine dining, a tub soak, and stories alongside your private woodburning fireplace. And don’t forget that we have an on-site Nordic Center for those who’d prefer to explore our historic, undeniably beautiful 38-acre property. With so many enthralling things to do in Stowe, VT, planning your trip will take some serious thought. So, don’t be afraid to give our team a call today at 802-253-7371 to learn more about our many on-site amenities as well as the best spots for some dog sledding “near me.”

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