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Family-friendly Restaurants in Stowe, VT

Family-friendly Restaurants in Stowe, VT

Stowe is certainly a great choice for a family getaway; with two young children of our own we can say with authority that you can always find something fun to do!  

We also know as parents that, when in a new place, finding a restaurant that works for all ages can be tricky. Luckily, there are plenty of places in this town that will welcome you and your hungry children.

Below are our recommendations for family-friendly restaurants in Stowe, VT!  


Located just off of the Stowe Bike Path, Piecasso Pizzeria and Lounge is another one of our favorite family-friendly dining establishments.  After all, who doesn’t like pizza?  

Piecasso, with its open and bright interior, is a great place to take kids for a quick bite or for adults to relax for a beverage at the bar after a long day on the slopes or out on the trails.  A simple, yet comprehensive kids menu will make sure the young ones can find something they will enjoy.

Depot Street Malt Shop

The Depot Street Malt Shop is a local favorite. This 1950’s-style soda shop is located only a couple of blocks south of Main Street and offers a great diner menu with lots of options.

The food is great, and so is the experience. You can sit at the soda bar with the kids and watch the friendly soda jerks make classic 50’s malts, shakes, and floats while listening to classic tunes and enjoying a burger and fries.

McCarthy’s Restaurant

McCarthy’s has been a Stowe institution since 1974, and with a vast menu, you’re sure to find something for even the pickiest eaters.  

McCarthy’s spacious dining area and family-friendly atmosphere make it one of the best breakfast and lunch destinations in town.  Known for it’s homestyle breakfasts but open for lunch as well, the kids can easily find something tasty to eat from McCarthy’s kids menu.  However, for those picky eaters, a simple a la carte meal can be had relatively easily.


Dining at the StoweHof will satisfy the desire to enjoy an Alpine experience in a classic ski chalet. This venerable Stowe establishment offers breakfast all day in the Mansfield room, complete with sweeping views of the mountain.

For dinner, traditional Bavarian dishes are served in the Alpine-style Fritz Bar. Local beers and spirits are on tap and many dishes are made with locally sourced ingredients.

When the whole family is ready to order up great food in a casual and kid-friendly environment, give these family-friendly restaurants a try.  There is something for everyone!



Erik Stacy
General Manager
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