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Nestled in the backcountry a meer four miles, as the crow flies, from the heart of picturesque Stowe, Vermont, stands a quintessential New England inn: Edson Hill. Edson Hill remains a shining example of elegance and sophistication, with a hint of countryside charm—the epitome of urbane Vermont lodging. Globetrotters and outdoor enthusiasts alike gather, throughout all four seasons, at this idyllic, 38-acre manor to escape the city’s bustling streets and stressful workplaces.

Modern Conveniences with a Sophisticated Nod to the Past

Researching and locating the perfect style of Vermont lodging is no elementary task, especially for those who fancy a modern twist on a timeless, classic New England vacation. A few years back, Edson Hill enlisted the aid of Gauthier-Stacy, a Boston-based design firm, to wholly revamp the already charming, yet rustic, space. The end result is a masterclass in refinement, style, and opulence. The Manor House and Guest House retained their charm as nearly every square inch was polished and repurposed. Each room is bright, thematic, distinctly decorated, and unequivocally romantic. Several rooms boast wood-burning fireplaces, Egyptian-cotton blankets, and plush robes—it’s Vermont lodging at its finest.

Pleasant Green Mountain Ambiance

So, what makes this particular stretch of the lush Green Mountains so incredibly unique? Is it the slopes, the secret waterfalls, or the history? Regardless of what drew you to Stowe, Vermont, you’re bound to discover that this adventure-based destination is also packed with grandeur. Edson Hill, in particular, covets nearly 40 acres of rolling hills, peaceful aqua, and thick forestry. The inn, unlike most remote Vermont lodging options, sits at the precipice of a dead-end road, where only staff, guests, and woodland critters wander. You might find yourself dining on the back patio with a half-full glass of fine wine and instinctively be compelled to explore the acreage. Sunsets cast a soft, golden hue over the landscape; this sight allures guests of all ages to wander through the supple grass.

Stowe’s Many Perks | Classic Vermont Lodging

By now, you no doubt have an idea as to why Edson Hill is often regarded as one of the most desirable romantic getaways in Vermont. But the quintessential Vermont lodging and awe-inspiring scenery only tell half of the story. Edson Hill also boasts a four-star culinary experience, as well as an extensive, on-site Nordic ski trail network. Not to be outdone, the region itself is bustling with opportunities for excitement, adventure, and relaxation. Click the links below to learn more about each potential activity, then give us a call today at 802-253-7371 to book your next long-awaited getaway into the heart of Vermont.